my terrible attempt of a photo blog entry of my day.

Hello All! This is my attempt of a photographic detail of my day.

Time to wake the fuck up.

Clearly I pushed the snooze button several times as my above photo states.

Putting on my face.

stuff to put on my face haha.

All dressed!!

Thank God I checked my facebook this morning...

This is where my lunch date cancels on me. Last minute. Piss me off.

I was a sad panda. Pretty terrible photo of me.

So then I decided to make sure that my tea date was not going to cancel.

...and she didn't cancel! Happy panda.

So I had to kill some time until 5pm. So i updated my music list.

and I created some very creative curse words.

Then it was time for me to go..eventually. It was a long day of waiting. haha

So I took some pictures on the way to the bus stop because I am lame like that.

Look I arrived at the bus stop!

Listening my music, waiting for the bus. Some guy had snow shoes on. I didnt want to seem creepy so I didn't take a picture.

I arrived to my favorite coffee house.

I was waiting for my date so I ordered a Caramel Pumpkin latte and a croissant.


Alana made it. We discussed things. it was a good least it was for me.

a good end to a wonderful evening


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