A quick, obligatory post welcoming 2013.


Let's Party.

Let’s Party.

I hope everybody had a safe and wonderful New Year Celebrations.

Some may have chosen to be slightly inebriated for it, (*coughMecough*) some may have chosen to dance like nobody’s business.

No matter how you chose to celebrate, I hope it was fun and delightful.

I decided for 2013 on a new theme/layout.

I doubt that it will stick as I have a very short attention span, and I am too fickle about things like that.

I don’t have any resolutions to declare. I feel as if by even making a list of “resolutions”

I am just setting myself up to fail, and I really don’t want to feel like a failure/let myself down.

So, I’m just going to roll with the punches for 2013 and “keep it real”.

I start my new job soon, so it’s going to be a fresh start for me this year.



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