Case of The Blah’s

2013 has already had it’s ups and downs.  A close friend of the family passed away. She was like an Aunt to me. (It was my Aunts sister) She always treated my brothers and I like her nieces and nephews. It was quite unexpected, and she was only 52…. so that has left me…speechless and re-evaluating some things in my life and the way my life has gone.
I started my new job, and it’s so different than what I have been doing for the past 4 years or so. It’s exciting but scary. It has been keeping me busy.  My accounting course is almost over. I am not overly fond of the online learning experience, especially with that course….but I will be taking some more courses soon hopefully…like Excel and such so…I’m hoping it will get better.

I’ve had Bob Dylan’s song “Don’t Think Twice, It’s alright” stuck in my head for the past week. Not sure why.

Bob Dylan, what.

Bob Dylan, what.




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