It has been awhile!

zoomba cats


It’s been awhile. I am still doing the Zumba thing and I am really enjoying it still.

There is a song that I really love and can’t find it anywhere…if anybody reads this and knows where I can please let me know. 😉

It’s called Zumba battleship. I am pretty sure it is only available to certified Zumba instructors, but just in case…

I am still doing the school thing too. It’s been pretty good for me.
I am taking a Medical Terminology class in September (which is in a week)!

I have decided to go for my Medical office support certificate…lets hope I can do this!

I also received a call from another retail store I was interested in working for.
They are interested in having a second interview with me!!!
I do enjoy my current job, however, this new one really struck my interest.
Vintage. Fashion. You know how I roll.

So :


Edit: I just discovered this blog: while I was trying to find the song. Very motivational.


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