For the longest time.

I haven’t written in two whole months! Woops.So many things have happened…I don’t even know where to start!

But I will try! So the last time I wrote it was an entry about the new Punny shirts that I had purchased.

Since then, I quit the job at the thrift shopand began a new job as an Office Administrative Assistant.

look at me being all professional.

look at me being all professional.

 I have been at this new company since the beginning of July – ish…I so far love it.

I get to use Quckbooks as I am doing a lot of accounts receivable and payable stuff.

It’s pretty nifty.

I have finished all my night courses with awesome grades to boot.

My last course starts September 9th. It’s an online one which will be completed in December

and then I will receive my Medical Office Support Staff/Administration certificate.

So that is really exciting!

I am in a different field right now with my new job, but I’ve been

wanting to work in an office, and this will help me gain a lot of experience too.

I am also going to work on finishing my Office Administration certificate that I started a couple years ago.

My second nephew, Braden Daniel Barker was born.

He is so perfect. I love babies.


look at how beautiful he is

                              I am so in love

My first little precious nephew, Kainen turned 5 years old.

So naturally, the family had a big party and I got super drunk

my step dad's first "selfie"

            my step dad’s first “selfie”


Love this little guy to the moon and back.

My husband and I are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary tomorrow night.

We are keeping it simple, and real.

We found a gift certificate we forgot we had, and getting dolled up!

(That is if I am feeling better…been feeling feverish and in pain all day)

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years!

can't believe that this was 3 years ago

and now look at us..3 years later.

and now look at us..3 years later.

The hubby and I took in a fun concert this summer.

Tegan and Sara played here in PTBO.

It was free and it was SUPER amazing.

Wooo concert time!

           Wooo concert time!

I also got my hair cut and colored:

Ooh look at me all dark and mysterious. *sarcasm* Oh HELLO bangs.

Ooh look at me all dark and mysterious. *sarcasm* Oh HELLO bangs.

I like it.

Our roommate also moved out, so we have made the spare room into an office.


Loving it.!

Oh i have read a lot of good books this summer…a lot of YA novels actually.

The Fault in our Stars –
of course i read this haha. I also saw the movie and loved it as well.

The Fault In Our Stars

This Star Won’t Go Out – kinda broke my heart.

This Star Won't Go Out: The Life And Words Of Esther Grace Earl

Eleanor & Park – which is now one of my favorite books!

Eleanor & Park

Lucky in the Sky – eh, I liked Go Ask Alice better…

Lucy in the Sky

If I stay –
I didn’t realize it was actually being turned into a movie…and I am going to see that on Thursday night haha

If I Stay Movie Tie-in

I am currently reading: Where She Went – the sequel to If I say.

(It’s okay, but I really enjoyed If I stay)

Where She Went

Anyways, i figured I would give the blogging world a brief return


But now I must go, as I am feeling dizzy and I have a headache.

Until next time.

— J


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