Nothing like a good cup of tea…

Apple and Cinnamon Spiced tea with some local honey = delish

Apple and Cinnamon Spiced tea with some local honey = delish An oldies playlist playing in the background This Sunday is pretty cozy

I haven’t blogged in awhile ..and since my hubby is catching up on his Walking Dead I thought I’d pop in and say Hello!


,I’ve been a tad busy

Things on the job front have been really good. i am officially full time and doing some over time as well.

I am really super pumped about that.

We had our work Christmas party last night and it was amazing.

I bought a super cute H & M dress for 29 bucks, and it is super cute!

Super cute dress!

                         Super cute dress!

The hubby and I both got to dress up, have a nice meal, some good laughs  and have a nice evening..

We are goofballs.

                      We are goofballs.

It’s also super nice that I work with my bff. We had some great laughs. We played a Christmas Jeopardy game, and it was a huge hit. Bells were even thrown at the scorekeeper (me). It was pretty great.

On an unrelated note, I have temporarily stopped using MyFitness pal as per my Naturopath suggested.

I went to a Naturopath for my first time, to get a B12 injection and we have started a plan to get my body  bit healthier, and figure out why certain things are going on. ( I may possibly be anemic)

Another suggestion from her Includes mediation before I go to sleep.

There is a really cool App called Calm that I am using for guided meditations.

And so far it’s helped a bit. I love the sounds.

I also bought some Melatonin as that should help (on the nights the meditations don’t work).

I have also started a seed cycle – Pumpkin Seeds and Flax seeds are for the first 15 days.

I’ve been grinding them and putting them into smoothies I’ve been making with my (borrowed) Nutribullet.*

*sidenote* The Nutribullet is amazing!!

Another sidenote, I have discovered an amazing health food store called The Main Ingredient (as she suggested)

and it was pretty cool. I bought some delicious local honey from them and my seeds that I needed for my seed cycle.

Next month I go back for a follow up and for another B12 injection.

And then we are going to start on another focus on my diet.

Right now she wants me to eat breakfast (aka make smoothies at least with the seeds).

All of this is to help bring my energy up, so that I will feel like going to the gym!

I’ve been very lethargic lately, so I am hoping this all helps.

Other than that, nothing else to report.

Keep it real, folks.



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