SEX! Now that I have got your attention – it’s just another lame post about NYE! 2015 Baby, YEAH.

Happy 2015 Everybody! I am three days late with this post, but I’ve been busy with work, and being…mostly lazy.

We had some friends over for NYE – which was lovely.  I was in bed by 12:30, as well being 30 means not having the ability to be up past 11pm. Although to be fair to myself, I was up early for work earlier that day.

But here are a few pictures from the evening:


My new wine decanter! it worked beautifully.

Melissa brought her selfie stick - now I must buy one!!

Melissa brought her selfie stick – now I must buy one!!

IMG_20141231_170844 IMG_20141231_173905IMG_20141231_175355  IMG_20150101_001145 IMG_20150101_121852 IMG_20150101_125855 IMG_0296 IMG_0297

I have some goals for 2015 (not resolutions per say):

  • On GoodReads I set a goal to read at least 15 Books this year.

IMG_20141229_173405I have the new  NPH choose your own adventure biography and the book by Amy Pohler “Yes, Please” plus I have started “Lucky” and a Mitch Albom book. So I think that’s reasonable.

  • I am hoping to save some money to go on a vacation with the husband, probably later in the year. So I am hoping that I can make that happen.
  • I would like to buy some nice stuff for the apartment, a new sectional couch, maybe a storage bench…so I am hoping to do that as well.
  • Lastly, I am hoping to get back into my old gym routine, and my go back on the diet that I was on – I’ve been terrible lately – I took a break from counting my calories.

Lately, I’ve been on a Gilmore Girls binge – thank you Netflix.  I was really sad to hear about the passing of Edward Herrmann. 😦

I am almost finished season 5 of Parks and Rec – such an amazing show. I will need to pick up Season 6. The final season is coming up in a couple of weeks.


That is basically it from the peanut gallery right now…besides working (and getting the god awful stomach flu a couple of weeks ago) nothing really interesting is happening in my life. haha.

Hope your 2015 is filled with love and sexy times!






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