Uncharted territory

road unknown

*Note: I originally wrote this on Friday.

So I am officially in uncharted territory.

I won’t get into details (because I can’t).

Of course, I am upset.

So I am feeling a mixture of being concerned, stressed, and relief (again, something I won’t get into on a public forum).

So as much as I am obviously concerned about what to do and what is going to happen,  I am also relieved at the same time.

My cousin and I were talking on Friday morning, and she made a very good point: I can do anything right now. I mean there are obviously a lot of reasons why it sucks, but my pro lists seems to be a bit longer. Maybe I can do things that I’ve been afraid of doing or that I haven’t have had time to do? I can volunteer, I can do almost anything I want to now..

But I am scared.

I think for the next week, I am just going to try and catch my breath, maybe get some sleep, relax a bit, do some cleaning, do some reading and just not worry….











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