To know or not to know me: a biography

My name is Jamie. In all honesty, I am not very interesting. My goal is to try and update more.

Maybe I will have updates with substance…Maybe not.

  • I enjoy a good book, some good music and the occasional box social.
  • I also enjoy other social media forums.
  • Sometimes I get loose with my language.
  • I have a new found love of thrift shopping.
  • I also love all things turtles.
  • I love taking pictures – non professionally.
  • I love reading books, blogs, “guilty pleasure gossip websites
  • I am in my thirties and I still love a good jello shot.
  • I love getting #whitegirlwasted (apparently)
  • i love country music, rap, alternative, indie, rock, oldies…basically I love everything. I am a music whore.
  • I love quoting Adam Sandler movies, Mean Girls (“Stop trying to make FETCH happen”) and basically any movie/tv shows that I find hilarious.
  • I am a basic bitch (even though I really don’t know what that means).
  • I tend to hold grudges. So if you’re a douche – just go away.

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