Happy Sunday!

This is my new favorite picture of my husband and I.

It was taken right after good friends of ours were married.

Brian and I (wedding)

Photo credit: Jules and Rose Wilton 

For the first time in forever I felt pretty – I think it was the dress (thank you Suzy Shier) and I had my hair done and had a mani- pedi!

Because sometimes you just have to Treat Yo Self.

We had such an amazing day.


Photo cred: Rose Wilton


Photo credit: Rose Wilton

I still can’t believe our 5 year wedding anniversary is in August.

Just wow.




Merry Christmas.

Ooh la la jammies.

Ooh la la jammies.

I know I am going to sound like I am 6 years old when I say this:

I got jammies and slippers.

I usually just steal my husband’s xbox pajama pants,

but now I have  3 pajama sets, 2  separate pairs of pajama pants,

and slippers.

Good for the cold, winter nights.

Now I know Christmas is supposed to be about

family, love and all that other crap,

but I am just going to say getting pajamas was my highlight.