Happy Sunday!

This is my new favorite picture of my husband and I.

It was taken right after good friends of ours were married.

Brian and I (wedding)

Photo credit: Jules and Rose Wilton 

For the first time in forever I felt pretty – I think it was the dress (thank you Suzy Shier) and I had my hair done and had a mani- pedi!

Because sometimes you just have to Treat Yo Self.

We had such an amazing day.


Photo cred: Rose Wilton


Photo credit: Rose Wilton

I still can’t believe our 5 year wedding anniversary is in August.

Just wow.




7 years and a Spa Day.

I just wanted to quickly post that yesterday was my “anniversary” with my husband.  Well, it was the day we began it all. (Our Wedding Anniversary is in August.

7 years is a long time.

We spent lots of cuddle time/nap time.  It was lovely.


we're goofy.

we’re goofy

Last week I chopped my hair off…I was sort of bored. Haha. But I ended up having a really nice spa day – a massage, mani-pedi, eyebrow shaping, and hair cut/highlites.

I have never had a full spa day – and it was amazing!!! I am going to have to do it again!! So worth it!!

Anyways, Better Call Saul is on tonight – I shall go and get ready for that!!

Peace out!!



Merry Christmas.

Ooh la la jammies.

Ooh la la jammies.

I know I am going to sound like I am 6 years old when I say this:

I got jammies and slippers.

I usually just steal my husband’s xbox pajama pants,

but now I have  3 pajama sets, 2  separate pairs of pajama pants,

and slippers.

Good for the cold, winter nights.

Now I know Christmas is supposed to be about

family, love and all that other crap,

but I am just going to say getting pajamas was my highlight.




So it’s December. =|
Which I think I kinda bitched about in my last entry regarding “time” going by too quickly, but this is a different kind of entry. =P
I just discovered TimmyHo’s Candy Cane Hot Chocolate.

It’s like sex/christmas in my mouth!
It’s quite delicious.

sweet sweet goodness

sweet sweet goodness

I have been indulging in the drink quite a bit lately.
It is kind of making me feel sort of Christmassy, but not really.
I’m not feeling very much in the whole Christmas Spirit, but I am trying.
We are going to put our small tree up, which we didn’t do it last year, since we are always travelling.
(Hmm, a future blog entry topic I see coming! :P)


another word for frustrating…

assets=liabilities+owners equity (aka jammer=confused+dumbfounded)

Online learning is very much about self discipline, which was never my problem.

It’s just the math equations, balance sheets, etc that I am finding very confusing.

I think I snapped at my poor husband too much today, and he was only trying to help me.

I kept calling myself stupid, and saying stuff like  “I should probably just give up” or

“this was a waste of our money as I’m just going to fail anyway”.

He got upset with me.

I got upset with myself.

So I had to put the stuff away for the rest of the night, as I felt I was not getting anywhere.

I think it’s because I am so desperate to get out of my current job situation that I am

just worried that I am going to fail at this, and never be able to contribute towards

a better life for my husband and I.

I am so lucky that I have him.

At one point my head was in his lap, and his fingers gently traced my hairline and he said

“I am so proud of you. You are my entire life. I love you with all of my heart.”

I should probably get my shit together, and do the best I can,

because no matter what I say or do my husband is always proud of me, and loves me.

How did a blog about school turn into a mushy love post?