I think the holidays made me realize just how important self-care actually is. Even just by doing “nothing” for a few hours and allowing yourself to re-charge is extremely important.

I slept a lot on Saturday and Sunday – and I felt incredibly guilty for it.

But I think it was my body telling me “Hey – you, you need this.”  As I had a very stressful, very busy couple of weeks…in between work, commuting from work, and travelling for the holidays – I think my body had enough.

So I shouldn’t feel guilty …even though I know there were probably some house tasks I could have accomplished.  But certainly, did not.

It reminded me of something that I learned in one of my courses that I took last year on how important just giving yourself  that time (even as little as 5 minutes) can be.

I think that we all often forget to give ourselves that time – whether it’s reading a book, meditation, going to the gym/working out/Yoga /Zumba, etc.

But I hate feeling guilty for giving myself that time – even if it was sleeping.  ( I also think that the good old cold is going to hit me soon – I can feel it and usually right before I get sick my body just sorta tells me).

I  know that “sleeping too  much” is not a great thing – but there is nothing better than staying under the nice, cozy comforter and building the greatest pillow fort known to man and just be.

pillow fort

omg this would be heaven!


I think that I need to feel a little less guilty about it as I know that that time is limited.

I also don’t want to burn out.

I think I need to start taking care of myself a little more – and feel less guilty about it.

I noticed that my stress level has increased and it’s starting to show it’s ugly head through every day life.  So tonight I put on my face mask, and gave myself a mini spa night. Just so I can recharge a bit as I go back to the grind tomorrow.

Blogging also helps me refocus and allows me to vent my frustrations out. 🙂


Thanks to this nifty Christmas gift from my husband, I can blog my little heart out. #2016goals


On that note, I think I am going to make myself a cup of tea, remove my face mask and try to get some shut eye shortly.

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