And just like that life gets in the way…

It looks like it has been quite awhile since I last posted.

So much stuff has happened since June….here is a quick photo re-cap.

I am back full time as an Office Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper – which means I get to work with my bestie again! So that’s been really good.


The summer consisted a lot of fun times at the family cottage, hanging out with friends, and other life related things that I won’t publicly post on here.



Some sad family stuff  happened:

Nana Louise passing away… but it was nice that she got to see the cottage and the kiddies…and other family stuff.


Patrice came back from Japan too so that was good – he introduced me to Pokemon Go (which I will be honest I have lost total interest in….but it was fun while it lasted).


Kainen turned 7 and Brady turned 2!  (My nephews) which I can’t believe.  Mason is also growing so quickly – it’s amazing how fast time is flying.


The hubby and I got to take a mini vacation for our 5 year wedding anniversary and went to Kingston (1000 Islands – which I thought was pretty cool).


We basically have been keeping busy with friends and life and having a good time.


We got to go to plenty of our nieces’ soccer games which was amazing.


Thanksgiving we had some family pictures done at the cottage – which was pretty cool.


We also had our Thanksgiving dinner there – which was pretty cool!

I went to a friends for Halloween and we all dressed up which was pretty fun.

And of course I have had plenty of hair color changes –


Red head, what?

So basically I’ve been pretty busy… and now Christmas is around the corner…BUT FIRST – THE GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL!  Who else is excited for this? I am! I got so excited I edited the poster to my best friends face (and my face as well). We are doing an entire day when it comes out (with her husband too!) gilmore-girls-redux

I think that this is it for now!  Maybe I will write something with more substance at a later time… but the Thong Song by Sisqo just came on so….yeah. No serious writing for me right now.

-Jammer out








So it’s December. =|
Which I think I kinda bitched about in my last entry regarding “time” going by too quickly, but this is a different kind of entry. =P
I just discovered TimmyHo’s Candy Cane Hot Chocolate.

It’s like sex/christmas in my mouth!
It’s quite delicious.

sweet sweet goodness

sweet sweet goodness

I have been indulging in the drink quite a bit lately.
It is kind of making me feel sort of Christmassy, but not really.
I’m not feeling very much in the whole Christmas Spirit, but I am trying.
We are going to put our small tree up, which we didn’t do it last year, since we are always travelling.
(Hmm, a future blog entry topic I see coming! :P)


my terrible attempt of a photo blog entry of my day.

Hello All! This is my attempt of a photographic detail of my day.

Time to wake the fuck up.

Clearly I pushed the snooze button several times as my above photo states.

Putting on my face.

stuff to put on my face haha.

All dressed!!

Thank God I checked my facebook this morning...

This is where my lunch date cancels on me. Last minute. Piss me off.

I was a sad panda. Pretty terrible photo of me.

So then I decided to make sure that my tea date was not going to cancel.

...and she didn't cancel! Happy panda.

So I had to kill some time until 5pm. So i updated my music list.

and I created some very creative curse words.

Then it was time for me to go..eventually. It was a long day of waiting. haha

So I took some pictures on the way to the bus stop because I am lame like that.

Look I arrived at the bus stop!

Listening my music, waiting for the bus. Some guy had snow shoes on. I didnt want to seem creepy so I didn't take a picture.

I arrived to my favorite coffee house.

I was waiting for my date so I ordered a Caramel Pumpkin latte and a croissant.


Alana made it. We discussed things. it was a good least it was for me.

a good end to a wonderful evening